Watch Ken Block Utterly Destroy Winter in This Ford Raptor

Catch our drift?

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Winter wants all of us locked indoors, but the mighty 450-horsepower Ford Raptor has other ideas, as demonstrated by pro rally driver Ken Block in this new snow-shredding video of Ford’s maximum 4×4 terrorizing the slopes in Park City, Utah.

With its custom-designed snow-rated B.F. Goodrich K02 tires and “Weather” setting in its Terrain Management System, the Raptor is as ready for snow drifts as we found it to be for sand dunes. 

Photo: Ford

In the Weather setting, the Raptor’s transfer case is switched to 4-Auto, sending power to the wheel where it is most needed. This setting also selects electronic stability programming that permits less slipping and sliding than in Sport mode; response to the gas pedal slows down to discourage wheel spin as well.

Photo: Ford

We’d say Block didn’t use Weather mode to shoot the video, but you’ll be happy to know it is there when you need to get out in the winter. You might want to steer clear of Park City for a while if you’re driving a Raptor, though.