Watch The Raucous First Trailer For The New ‘Top Gear’

The BBC car show is back and more badass than ever.

After a dramatic hiatus sparked by ex-host Jeremy Clarkson punching a producer, Top Gear is finally roaring back onto BBC America. But this revved-up reboot doesn’t just showcase a new lead singer—they’ve replaced the entire band. 

Top Gear‘s new frontman is British comedian Chris Evans, but American fans will most immediately recognize Matt LeBlanc, of Friends fame. LeBlanc is a bonafide car and motorcycle enthusiast who has developed a devoted following in Britain reminiscent of Germany’s David Hasselhoff cult.

Unsurprisingly, LeBlanc features prominently in this high-octane trailer, awesomely scored to “I Just Want To Celebrate” by Rare Earth.

Evans, the comedian, provides, well, comic relief. So the trailer shows new resident hot shoe Sabine Schmitz panicking at the prospect of Evans vomiting in her pristine Audi R8.

The rest of Top Gear‘s new cast also includes YouTube drift hero Chris Harris, former Formula One team owner Eddie Jordan, and journalist Rory Reid.

The old crew, meanwhile, continues with a new show on Amazon Prime named, well, in keeping with the ludicrous drama associated with this entire enterprise, the name has not yet been released. 

Ringleader Jeremy Clarkson has reputedly registered the name Gear Knobs, which would be an obscene double entendre referring simultaneously to cars’ shift knobs and to British slang suggesting the three presenters could be considered giant dicks.

And so it continues.

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