The Red Bull Frozen Rush Remains Hotly Contested, Ridiculous

Racing the slopes with 900 horsepower.

For a decade, Red Bull has been pioneering new and outrageous motorsports on land, at sea, and in the air. Last year, the caffeine-pushers announced the Off-Road Pro-4 Truck Race, in which 900-horsepower racing trucks vie for on-snow supremacy as they scream up a mountain. The winners of the series’ second season have just been announced: Bryce Menzies has beat out reigning champion (and his mentor) Ricky Johnson to be fastest man on the slope. 

Unlike most other off-road truck races – like the Baja 1000 – the Frozen Rush is run on a snowy track carved out a mountainside (this year, Maine’s Sunday River Resort played host). The special challenges of racing trucks on such slick surfaces were met by BF Goodrich, who outfitted the trucks with specially-made studded tires with almost 700 studs each. Additional thrills come from the race’s unique head-to-head format: Two trucks sliding and leaping along a narrow track means more contact than an AcroYoga symposium. Congratulations to this year’s winner, and here’s to seeing where Red Bull builds its next track. We’re pulling for Mars.

Photos by Garth Milan / Red Bull Content Pool