Watch This Monster Truck ‘Redneck Army’ Rescue Hurricane Harvey Victims


Jeff Foxworthy once said a redneck is someone with a “glorious lack of sophistication.” Retired Army Ranger Michael Keyes says it is someone with a big-ass 4×4 truck, a tow line and the gumption to drag a submerged National Guard deuce-and-a-half out of the Hurricane Harvey floodwaters near Houston.

Michael Keyes via Twitter

Keyes struck Twitter gold with his “Redneck Army” description of a video of a monster truck-grade lifted Cadillac Escalade retrieving the National Guard truck from the murky depths of the floodwater, with a late assist from another monster truck wrapped in signage for Business Solutions Transport, a company that specializes in shipping high-tech devices, not muddy Army trucks. 

Michael Keyes via Twitter

Considering all the images of flooded regular-height pickups we saw from Houston, look for work to increase at all the Texas monster truck shops as drivers make sure that they will be the tow-er next time and not the tow-ee. 

As for the National Guard? Well, maybe they could use another weekend’s practice on identifying safe water to cross.