Rejoice, Children of the ’80s: Datsun is Back!

No, you’re not having a Capri Sun-induced flashback. The storied Japanese brand is indeed returning.

Photo Courtesy of Nissan

If you were a kid during the Reagan era, you surely remember Nissan’s predecessor, Datsun. From the economical 210 to the drool-worthy 280ZX, these Japanese gems were as much a part of the automotive landscape as Chevys, BMWs, and Ferraris. (Occasionally, late at night, we still get their “We are driven” jingle stuck in our heads.) Well, in 1984, Nissan—the parent company—killed off the Datsun name in the U.S. for good…or so we thought! Enter the all-new Datsun Go, an economical little people-mover that is being released in emerging markets like India, Indonesia, South Africa, and Russia. The Go is no speed demon—its tiny 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine won’t be giving the insane GT-R anything to worry about—and even though Nissan officials say that no Datsuns are intended for sale in the U.S., the return of the nameplate still makes us happy. After all, as fans of ALF, Culture Club, and all things ’80s, this news is nothing but totally tubular. Check out the Go’s big reveal in India…

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