Renault’s Eye-Popping Trezor Named Most Beautiful Concept Car of 2016

It’s pretty much perfect.

We knew the Renault Trezor concept was a stunner when it rolled on stage at the Paris Motor Show in September. But now it is officially “the Most Beautiful Concept Car of 2016,” according to the pros at the 32nd Festival Automobile International at the Hôtel des Invalides, coincidentally, also in Paris.

If French nationalism swayed this vote, we can live with it, because the Trezor is a legitimately awesome concept, from its low, crouching stance to its Bono‘s sunglasses-grade red-tinted canopy and all-electric drive system.


“The jury decided this award should go to the TREZOR because of the extreme beauty, sensuality and elegance it exudes,” explained Rémi Depoix, president of the Festival Automobile International. 

“It is the epitome of a concept car and we were notably won over by the cohesion of its overall design and the attention that has been paid to the details. It is a fine creative work which, we hope, will inspire Renault’s future roadgoing models.”


Indeed, all future cars should look exactly like this. Science says so, because the Trezor’s 0.22 coefficient of drag means that it is more aerodynamic efficient than even the Tesla Model S, with its 0.24 score.


But such decisions shouldn’t all be entirely rational. The heart also says that the Trezor’s red-tinted class and red leather upholstery are also obviously crucial ingredients for all future cars, if we are to turn the tide against the incoming flood of un-involving driverless autonomous cars. 


Vive la France!