Now You Can Rent The Car From the Original ‘Mad Max’

Drive through the apocalypse in this old-school cinematic death machine.


Photo: Filmlook Media and Post

“She sucks nitro… with Phase 4 heads! Six-hundred horsepower through the wheels! She’s meanness set to music and the bitch is born to run!”

That’s the mechanic’s charming description of Mad Max‘s customized Pursuit Special in the original 1979 movie, a machine every gearhead has ached to drive since seeing it tear across the outback on the big screen.

Now you can take on crazed bikers from behind the wheel of the world’s most famous murdered-out police car with a supercharger protruding through the hood, so long as you remember to get in the car from the right side where Australian drivers sit.

Turo offers privately owned vehicles for rent online, in the manner of an automotive AirBnB, and Howell, Michigan’s Leslie W. spent five years building this 1972 Ford Falcon XB GT into Max’s own Pursuit Special.

The car’s V8 actually produces 450 horsepower and you’ll need proficiency with the left-handed four-speed manual shifter if you’re going to chase down the desert crazies. 

As with Max, a supply of gasoline will be foremost in your mind, as the car’s listing indicates that it gets a pitiful 6 miles per gallon.

You’ll also need a decent wad of cash because the daily rental rate for the Pursuit Special is $999. But what price, art?