This Guy Just Proposed to His Girlfriend With 11 Luxury Cars

Apparently money can buy you love.

What’s sweeter than proposing to your main squeeze over a glass of champagne in a dimly lit, upscale restaurant? Proposing with lots of expensive cars outside of her dorm room, apparently. A young CEO in Guangzhou, China arranged a fleet of luxury cars into the shape of a heart and honked their horns until his lovely lady was annoyed enough to step out on her dorm balcony and look outside. Romantic! 

Once outside, the lucky girlfriend was formally proposed to with a sizeable diamond ring while surrounded by expensive cars in the shape of a heart (hell of a parking job, eh?).  With dollar signs tears in her eyes, she said yes. Lover boy admitted that the extravagant proposal was his charming way of making sure his high school sweetheart, now a freshman in college, wouldn’t be swept off her feet by another scrub during her time at school. The happy couple is set to wed when she graduates, or when her new fiancée straight up buys her a college degree. May they find health, happiness, and solid gold toilet paper in their lives as husband and wife.