The Nautical Wraith Is The Custom Rolls Royce You Never Knew You Needed

For when a regular Rolls just isn’t good enough.

Rolls-Royce is teasing details about its new one-off Nautical Wraith, a stunning custom upgrade of its regular Wraith coupe built for an unidentified VIP customer for an undisclosed price.

While the typical $390,000, 624-horsepower V12 Wraith is already the automotive equivalent of a classic mahogany Chris-Craft power boat, Rolls-Royce seeks to extend the metaphor even further with the Nautical Wraith.

This version of the luxe ride, which Rolls-Royce revealed on its Facebook page, is decked out in Arabian Blue paint with an Orchid White roof. Anchor emblems decorate the dashboard and the door handles to give it a seaworthy vibe. The dashboard, incidentally, is made of a combination of Santos Palisander and Tudor Oak woods.

Last year’s special edition Wraith was the all-white Inspired By Fashion version. Fortunately, the company isn’t likely to ever build the We Can Afford It edition, so Rolls-Royce is sure to preserve its ultra-exclusive aura.

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