The Rolls-Royce Phantom Zenith Is So Baller, It Has A Champagne Cooler In the Trunk

Because you never know when you need to pop a bottle.


Photo: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

To send off the current-generation Phantom in proper style, Rolls-Royce is building a run of 50 uber-exclusive cars dubbed the Zenith Collection, so named to point out that this is the most premium example of the breed.

The favored 50 include both Coupe and convertible Drophead Coupe versions of the Phantom. These owners will be able to tailgate at their local steeplechase or fox hunt in unmatched style and comfort, thanks to a split tailgate containing both a glass shelf and upholstered seats for enjoying bubbly chilled in the dedicated trunk-mounted champagne refrigerator. It is large enough to cool two standard-sized bottles and eight glasses.

Photo: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Of course, there is still room in the trunk for a customized version of Rolls-Royce’s picnic hamper, so you’ll have plenty of cucumber sandwiches and tea biscuits to serve friends when your favored horse wins.

Photo: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

There are also details like the door armrests that are capped on the ends with engraved maps showing the locations of the the 100EX and 101EX prototypes that spawned the Phantom production model.

Photo: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Zenith Edition Phantoms enjoy a unique brushed steel speedometer face that stands apart from the cars’ other gauges. Rolls-Royce has announced that it will shift all of its models to a new aluminum architecture in the near future, so the current Phantom and other models will soon give way to upgraded replacements.

Maybe the next custom version can fit a magnum of Cristal?

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