Dominate the Desert With the SandRacer 500 GT, a Jacked-Up Off-Road Supercar

It's a 525-horsepower monster.
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This jacked-up, desert-going supercar is no fanciful computer-generated phantasm; it is the SandRacer 500 GT, from the Dubai-based Zarooq Motors.


The SandRacer is build on a steel tube frame racing chassis, with rugged suspension that has nearly a foot and a half of suspension travel and Intrax racing shock absorbers to soak up the pounding of desert racing.


But this 6.2-liter, 525-horsepower V8 brute is no off-road-only racing buggy. It is just as suitable for use on pavement and it's leather-swaddled cabin is produced by the specialists at Mansory, which is famous for its custom luxury car work.


“We have applied our design and craftsmanship know-how as well as luxury materials which we usually use on vehicles like Rolls-Royce or Lamborghini to give the SandRacer’s interior and body a distinctively superior touch," said Christian Verstappen from Mansory Belgium.


The engine is backed by a Weddle Industries longitudinal five-speed racing transaxle for performance and durability.


Zarooq is building just 35 SandRacers, with deliveries to start later this year at a price of $450,000. U.S. sales are scheduled for 2018.


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