This One-Off Ferrari is a Seriously Hot Hatchback

The V8-powered pocket rocket is a glorious 1980s throwback hatch.
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Sbarro Super Eight  Ferrari 308  (2)

As Volkswagen Golfs and Ford Escorts catered to a surging demand for hot hatchbacks in the early 1980s, prolific experimental car maker Sbarro debuted this one-off Super Eight with Prancing Horse DNA at Geneva Auto Show in 1984. 

Sbarro Super Eight  Ferrari 308  (1)

The Swizterland-based outfit, founded by car mechanic, designer and engineer Franco Sbarro, already had formed a reputation for wildly creative custom rides like the Mercedes V8-powered Tiger and Ford V8-powered Lola T70 supercars in previous decades. Classic Driver notes that the Super Eight is an exceptionally aggressive hatchback sporting wide hips, spoiler lips, and Ferrari Testarossa-style intakes. 

Sbarro Super Eight  Ferrari 308  (5)

Underneath the fiberglass body, it's essentially a Ferrari 308 GTB with a Marranello-sourced 3.0-liter V8 that sends upwards of 260 horsepower through a five-speed manual transmission (actuated by an age-appropriate "dog-leg" shifting configuration). A healthy amount of chrome, a beaming red paint job, and an all-brown leather and cloth interior completes the package. 

Sbarro Super Eight  Ferrari 308  (6)

The Super Eight is a more approachable follow-up to 1981's Sbarro Super Twelve, which featured a similar shell but a bizarre in-line 12 cylinder mid-engine featuring a pair of Kawasaki motorcycle six-cylinders, each with their own 5-speed manual transmission controlled by the same shifter. That outrageous powertrain actually produced 10 less horsepower than the Super Eight's, according to Top Gear

Sbarro Super Eight  Ferrari 308  (3)

Finding a one-off Sbarro build for sale is obviously unlikely, the Belgian company Speed8 Classics is selling the recently serviced Super Eight in drive-ready condition with just under 17,000 miles on the odometer for approximately $183,000 right now. You won't find another vintage hot hatch like it.