This Ultra-Luxe Cruise Ship Has Its Own Helicopter and Submarine

Step aside, Carnival.

Image: Scenic

If you’re looking for a cruise experience experience like no other, look no further. 

Advertised as “the world’s first discovery yacht,” the 550″-long Scenic Eclipse boasts high-end amenities and a varied fleet of vessels capable of transporting passengers to every corner of the globe.

Custom-built kayaks, e-bikes, Zodiac inflatable rafts and a helicopter are just some of the modes of transportation aboard this mega-yacht. It even has its own freakin’ submarine. 

Image: Scenic

The Eclipse’s on-board features are equally impressive. The “Spa Sanctuary” provides a perfect way to rest your weary bones in hot tubs and heated plunge pools after a long day of exploration.  

The Sanctuary Spa. 

One hundred fourteen suites complete with a private veranda and butler service offer further solace. Meanwhile, multiple lounges, nine dining venues and a 240-seat theater will keep you thoroughly entertained during down time. 

To top it all off, complimentary beverages are offered throughout the trip.

The Eclipse is set to make its first voyages to the Americas, Antarctica, Europe and the Mediterranean, and the Arctic and Fjords in 2018.

Check out more renderings of the Eclipse above, and book your tickets your tickets starting from $3,295 now. 

h/t: Uncrate