The Seabreacher Submersible Is Personal Fighter Jet for the Water

This thing is sick.
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Flying is a common dream, but surely ripping through the seas with the speed and ease of a shark or dolphin feels just as liberating. And now, you can find out first-hand in the Seabreacher, a water jet-propelled submersible that flies through water like an F-16 does in the sky.

"Submersible" means that this is a boat with an air-breathing 230-260 horsepower Rotax engine that can both leap into the air and duck briefly beneath the waves. 


It can run at 25 mph for 30 seconds at five feet under the surface of the water. When it returns to the surface, the Seabreacher is good for 60 mph.


The Seabreacher is available in three distinct styles: the shark-inspired Seabreacher X, the killer whale-styled Seabreacher Y and the dolphin-like Seabreacher Z. 


Hand levers control each of the forward wings, while the foot pedals operate the jet nozzles. Together, these systems let the Seabreacher pilot control pitch, yaw and roll, just like a fighter jet.


Pricing for a Seabreacher typically ranges between $80,000 and $100,000, depending on the model and customizations. So, yeah, the sail fish or orca look-alike will run you a little more than regular paint. Fair enough, because which one is better for freaking out people on whale-watching tour boats?