70 Years of V12 Development Made The Superfast’s 789-HP Powerhouse Ferrari’s Most Perfect Engine Yet

No hybrids here.

Ferrari is pretty proud of the effort its engineers put into developing 6.5-liter V12 powerplant for the 812 Superfast to be the most powerful road-going engine in the marque’s history while also boosting efficiency and retaining the unmistakable Ferrari 12-cylinder soundtrack, so they’ve blessed us with this video overview.


Ferrari’s claim of a nice, round figure of 800 horsepower is a metric rating. The official score for U.S. models is 789 horses, which is an increase of 49 horsepower over the output of the 6.2-liter F12 model.


In addition to boosting the engine’s displacement, Ferrari also refined its intake system, using the variable-length intake runners and a new high-pressure direct-injection fuel delivery system.


Wringing out this additional power and efficiency without resorting to forced induction means that we can enjoy one more generation of traditional Ferrari sound that is unimpeded by turbochargers’ turbines obstructing the exhaust system.


That sound is reinforced by the exhaust system’s geometry, which was evolved to increase and balance the sound from the engine compartment and tailpipes using a 6-into-1 manifold on each bank of the V12.

Engineers also aimed to ensure you’ll be able to harness all those horses, with careful calibration of the various engine management computer’s settings through the steering wheel-mounted knob Ferrari dubs the Manettino. “The driver will always be able to easily and confidently dose the massive torque available with the accelerator pedal, thanks to smooth, progressive power delivery at all engine speeds,” Ferrari boasts.

No doubt, we’d all like to check it in person, just to be sure they did it right.