These Supercar Garages Showcase Autos Like Art

For the car collector who has absolutely everything.


Driven by the belief that great cars should be treated like the works of art they truly are, Dubai-based SuperFutureDesign and Italian designers ASZarchitetti have teamed up to create the Supercar Capsule. 

Think of this concept as an at-home luxury supercar showroom, a space intended to give supercars the museum-like setting they deserve.


By enlisting master European designers and architects, Supercar Capsule‘s team wants to honor great car designers’ aesthetics—and they have at least 20 years of expertise in their respective fields with creativity and innovation.

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The Supercar Capsule is entirely bespoke, starting with one very basic template on which they can elaborate to the customer’s specifications. A capsule can be built from the ground up—but they also offer remodeling services and can redesign any space you already have available. 


If one unit isn’t enough, Supercar Capsule can also build a tower, stacking capsules for dramatic effect. Vehicles are moved into place by what the designers say is a “new generation mechanism guarantees safe and practical movement of the cars.”


Whatever type of need you have, they’ll tailor it to your property—villa, mansion, chalet—as well. 

To learn more, check out or their Instagram, which is definitely worth a look. Contact Super Capsule directly for pricing and design options.