Sickest Cars of 2013: Audi TT RS

Everybody take cover, the Germans have created a new guided missile!

Everybody take cover, the Germans have created a new guided missile!

Photo Courtesy of Audi of America

The “RS” stands for something German and hard to pronounce, but as far as we’re concerned it means “Rocket Ship.” Throw a 360hp, 5-cylinder turbocharged engine into an aluminum-alloy vehicle that weighs only 3,300 lbs., and it will launch itself from a stop sign to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. Audi electronically caps the top speed to 174, but the TT RS would probably be capable of at least 20 mph more without the limiter. (We, of course, drove it no faster than the legal 65 mph during our four-day test; as for the rest of you, good luck holding onto your driver’s license). With help from electronic chassis and suspension system, handling is sublime, especially for an all-wheel-drive sports car.

The interior is as luxurious as you’d expect in a car with a MSRP north of $55K. The electronically adjustable Napa leather seats offer more positions than The Best of Jenna Jameson. Plus there’s a 140-watt, 9-speaker Bose sound system with direct-connect iPod cable. Controls for the stereo and navigation system are surprisingly simple for a car of German origin. Even the 18/25 estimated mileage is decent, although it will probably be lower the way you drive. Our only minor gripe was with the Audi’s cup holders, which are inadequate and inconveniently placed behind the driver’s right elbow. Then again, it’s probably not a good idea to be holding a Big Gulp while driving a vehicle this powerful anyway.

Spec Check

MSRP: $57,200

Engine: 2.5-liter turbocharged 5 cylinder

Horsepower: 360

O-60: 4.1 seconds

Top speed: 174mph

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