Sit Shotgun in a Modified F1 Race Car This Weekend

We cannot guarantee you will maintain control of your bodily functions.

The speed-loving demons over at Gotham Dream Cars are giving you a chance to live out your craziest racing fantasy. The company that normally gets you behind the wheel of exotic supercars like the McLaren 12C has partnered up with Formula GP Experience for something completely, well…insane. This weekend in Austin during the US Grand Prix festivities, GDC is offering the “F1X3 Experience,” which enables adrenaline junkies to sit shotgun in a modified three-seater Jordan F1 car that boasts a 750hp V10 capable of speeds of more than 200 mph. Uh, yes please!

Depending on which package you go with (the premium also gives you the chance to drive a Ferrari 458 Italia or a McLaren), the experience costs $999 or $1,399. So is it worth it? “At Gotham Dream Cars, we live to innovate new driving experiences and bring them to our clients,” says company founder & CEO Noah Lehmann-Haupt. “There’s nothing like the sensation of an open-wheel race car at speed.” That sounds like a yes to us.

For reservations, visit Gotham Dream Cars.