This Six-Wheeled Toyota Land Cruiser Is An Awesome Off Road Beast

More like a Toyota Land Bruiser, right guys?

If you’ve ever thought that all the Toyota Land Cruiser really needs to be perfect is another pair of drive wheels and maybe an open pickup truck bed, then Dubai-based NSV Auto has got you covered. Or maybe you like the Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6, but your stupid neighbor bought one and you need to have something different. 

The custom Toyota truck is powered by a supercharged 398-horsepower 4.0-liter V6 driving its 364 lb.-ft. of torque to the ground through a five-speed manual transmission and a trio of axles before finally reaching the earth through six off-road tires.

NSV is after all based in the Middle Eastern megapolis of Dubai, so all that extra rubber helps churn through their abundant sand with ease. Surely there are plenty of desert rats here in the U.S. who would love a chance to take an NSV Land Cruiser 6×6 for a spin. 

NSV’s web site is disappointingly short on details, like how much this thing costs, but drop them a line and maybe they’ll fill you in.

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