Sleep with Your Sports Car

The Porsche Design Tower takes auto enthusiasts to new heights.

Introducing the world’s first drive-in residential skyscraper for car-crazy gazillionaires and the vehicles they love. The 60-story, 132-unit Porsche Design Tower is the brainchild of Miami developer Gil Dezer and Porsche Design Group, the branding consultancy behind the most fabled of German roadsters. “If you love your car, why shouldn’t you be able to sleep with it?” asks Dezer about the one-of-a-kind high-rise being built just north of Miami Beach. Drive in at ground level and your car is wirelessly “identified.” Then pull up to a giant, glass-walled elevator and take your hands off the wheel: The fully automated process sucks your car in like it’s entering the Batcave. Load-in takes eight seconds, and moments later the 800-feet-per-minute lift deposits you into a private “sky garage” connected to your apartment. Get out and step right into supersleek digs with floor-to-ceiling windows and enough brushed-steel, smoked-glass, and black-lacquer accents to make a modern-day Tony Montana proud.

The car-elevator concept has been revving up the ultraluxury real estate zeitgeist lately. A new building in Singapore takes a car up to an apartment, but without the driver inside, while New York City’s Sky Garage penthouse and Berlin’s Carloft offer the ride-up-and-step-out experience, but both are single, one-off units. The fully realized PDT’s car-centric condos range from $6.3 million three-bedroom units with two parking spaces to $32 million six-bedroom penthouses with four-car garages and two swimming pools. Dezer says billionaires, pro athletes, and famous musicians are among those who have already snapped up all but a handful of the 132 units, and the tower doesn’t even open until 2016. If you’ve got the cash—and the cars—it just might be the ultimate bachelor pad.