A Smooth Criminal Takes a Maserati for a Joyride

We don’t condone this behavior…but we understand it.

It’s a scene right out of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. According to the New York Post, this past weekend a wily criminal was able to get his hands on a slick Italian sports car and take it for a joyride all around town. The car? A Maserati GranTurismo. The scam? On Friday, alleged thief James Wolf told a garage attendant that he was an auto worker who needed to pick up the Maserati to get some work done on it…and the worker simply handed over the keys to the gorgeous, $130,000 piece of Italian art. When caught by the cops the following Monday, the crook came clean. “I took the car and drove it for two days,” he supposedly admitted. Now, having recently spent a weekend with this particular car ourselves, we can totally understand his motivation. It’s fast. It’s beautiful. It produces sounds that put Pavarotti to shame. That said, c’mon buddy! Drool at them from afar like the rest of us schmucks.

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