This Solar-Powered Superyacht Could Cruise the Ocean Forever

Definitely not dad’s old fishing boat.

The SolarImpact Yacht could very well be the most luxurious EV ever made. 

The superyacht concept is the result of five years of research, design and testing by the Zurich-based company. 

It boasts nearly 2,400 square feet of living space, including a 1,000 square-foot salon offering 360-degree panoramic views. Four double guest cabins and a master suite provide sleeping accommodations for 10 people, according to Boat International.

A gas-powered vessel of this size would leave a sizable carbon footprint, but all systems aboard the SolarImpact Yacht—including a quiet electric power plant—use the sun as their primary energy source. It’s extremely eco-friendly and never needs to stop for fuel. 

Even at its relatively brisk 25 mph top speed, the 70-ton, 1,300-horsepower watercraft maintains stability thanks to a unique flotation system. Instead of the displacement-style hull typically found on large ships, it floats on two aluminum buoyancy bodies that reduce rolling, rocking and heeling by 90 percent. The pontoon-like design also cuts back significantly on energy consumption. 


Amazingly, SolarImpact claims that the behemoth can be operated by just one person, as artificial intelligence is implemented in all important systems. 

Check out renderings of the SolarImpact Yacht in the gallery above, and head to their website for more information and a virtual tour.