This Ultra-Rugged ‘Spectre’ Land Rover Defender Is Fit For a Bond Villain

These fearsome 4x4s have 007 style and a jacked-up Corvette engine.


James Bond isn’t the only one who drives tricked-out rides. The baddies of the Spectre crime organization in the 007 film of the same name had a fleet of black-out Land Rover Defenders, and now you can own one just like the theirs’—with an added kick from a Corvette engine.

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Hollywood, South Carolina’s Himalaya custom shop is cranking out “Spectre” Defender 110 Crew Cabs. Under the gunmetal gray hood is Chevy’s 525-horsepower, 6.3-liter LS3 V8, which cranks output to a six-speed automatic. 


Himalaya also equipped a performance suspension and shocks and lifted the body by four inches, increasing the already-capable Defender’s off-road ability. Everything rides on gloss-black 18-inch wheels wrapped in 37-inch all-terrain tires. 


Those mods, in addition to a bepsoke bed mount, give the 4×4 an especially aggro stance that “looks down on everything on the road in front of it,” as the company puts it. 


More custom touches are found in the surprising luxurious cockpit, like a leather-clad steering wheel and Recaro seats, a Puma dash, and an Alpine Halo touchscreen that supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth. 

Price for the Spectre Land Rover Defender isn’t listed on Himalaya’s website, but Uncrate has it at $250,000. Guess you have to pay to play a villain.