Speed Dating a Stunt Driver Apparently Not as Fun as It Sounds

The date is going to pull some stunts, all right.

There’s an infamous scene in The Forty Year Old Virgin, when a sober and incredibly nervous Steve Carrell rides home with Leslie Mann’s spectacularly drunk trainwreck of a character whose driving careens past reckless into near-fatal. The takeaway—that driving with someone you’ve never met might just end your life—is what Ford was working with when they made this killer hidden-camera prank. (That, and some lingering sexist ideas about lady drivers.) A few men go on a blind date with a self-professed “not very good” driver, and with some typical bravado, offer to drive for her, and show her what her car, a Coyote V8-powered Mustang, can do. Only after several minutes of lurid slides and seemingly unending donuts does the prank end, with some flabbergasted guys learning that the blond “klutz” is in fact a professional stunt driver. The joke was on them, but that’s a date we want to go on.