This Heavily Modded ’91 Nissan 240SX Fitted With a Machine Gun Is Straight Out of ‘Mad Max’

The DeathKart is ready to drift into our nightmares.

The nuts at Pennsylvania‘s Speed Warhouse decided that the best solution to fixing their wrecked 1991 Nissan 240SX drift car was to strip off all the damaged bodywork. Then they mounted the machine gun and named it the¬†DeathKart.

The 240SX is a favorite among tuners because it (critically) has rear-wheel drive, for drifting. Nissan’s 2JZ four-cylinder engine family is readily upgradeable for more power, so that is another factor. And the 240SX is a nice-looking little sport coupe.

Like this one was, before it got crunched during a drift competition. So Speed Warhouse owner Mike Perez applied a Sawzall to everything the car didn’t need to be drivable, then he added a full roll cage for protection.

Now he has the world’s most incredible car for drift competitions, even if the lack of fenders, lights, windshield, etc. mean that he can no longer drive the car on the street.

But, who would want to drive the DeathKart on the street? Surely there are some off-road venues awaiting killer videos of the DeathKart shredding its way through their course?

“The fun part about DeathKart is it’s relaxing,” Perez told Super Street magazine. “It allows you to just do things and execute in whatever fashion that’s available. Sometimes the crude way or mistakes add more character.”

So, consider DeathKart an exercise in character building. Maybe for both the car and its owner.