The ‘Fastest Dodge Demon in the World’ Boasts 1,200 Horsepower

Listen to the most hellacious Dodge Demon ever made unleash its roar on a record-setting quarter-mile attempt.

Speedkore Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Promo
That Racing Channel/YouTube

Speedkore Performance Group just built the baddest Dodge Challenger SRT Demon the world has ever seen, and we’ve got video proof of its mind-blowing acceleration. 

That Racing Channel/YouTube

Under the hood, the Grafton, Wisconsin-based outfit has swapped out the stock supercharger for a pair twin-turbos that squeeze 370 more horses out of the 6.2-liter V8 and send a grand total of 1,200 hp to the rear wheels. 

According to That Racing Channel, Speedkore’s Demon the “fastest and quickest” in the world.  

Watch—and hear—the menacing muscle car make it official by clocking a record-setting 8.77-second quarter-mile drag attempt at 162 mph above. 

Other improvements to the powertrain include a torque converter, DSS carbon driveshaft, and a differential brace that keeps everything secure when a pilot puts the pedal down on a hard launch.

In addition to those mechanical upgrades, Speedkore also revamped the entire exterior with lightweight carbon fiber panels. Road and Track saw the car up-close last year, but wasn’t able to ascertain how much weight the material saves compared to the base model. 

Even though a roll cage had to be added to keep the Demon street legal, the navigation system, 8.4-inch touchscreen and all other factory creature comforts were left as is.

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