Steph Curry, The Game and Souljah Boy Show Off Sweet New Rides

You are what you drive.


Kendall Jenner tools around in her 1957 Corvette.

“Kid Rock in a candy store” seems an apt description of the myriad rides available to boldfaced names seeking automotive self-expression. 

With practically every car manufacturer on the planet dying for celebrity business, how does the average A-lister decide what to drive? And more importantly, what does their choice say about the way they want to portray themselves in what passes for “normal life”?

While you’re pondering these important questions, catch up on what some of the more interesting automotive A-listers have been showing off on Instagram lately:

1. Steph Curry – Porsche Panamera

One of the NBA’s greatest sharpshooters is a Porsche man through and through. With a 911 GT3 RS already in the garage, the Golden State Warriors star recently acquired a Panamera four-door. 


2. Birdman – Mercedes Maybach S600

The rapper and Cash Money Records mogul recently added the new Mercedes-Maybach S600 to his impressive fleet.


3. Soulja Boy – Lamborghini Huracan

Lambo’s latest whip suits the rapper, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur to a “T.”


4. The Game – Ferrari 458 Italia 

The junk-flashing Compton rapper’s choice of ride is almost old school— considering the Paganis, McLarens and other exotica out there.


5. Kendall Jenner – Classic Corvette

And the ever eye-popping Kardashian standout gets major points for good taste with this 1957 Corvette. (We have a feeling that the millionaire supermodel isn’t sweating that ticket too much.)