The Steve McQueen Edition Mustang Bullitt Is a Supercharged 775-HP Land Missile


Ford rolled out the 50th anniversary Mustang Bullitt earlier this year as a tribute to the original 1968 Mustang GT actor Steve McQueen raced down San Francisco’s Russian Hill during the high-octane chase scene in Bullitt.

Now the expert aftermarket tuners at Steeda Performance Vehicles have transformed Ford’s stock pony into something that would impress even The King of Cool. 

The Bullitt’s 5.0-liter, 475-HP V8 has been supercharged to produce 300 more horses. Four Nitto NT555 G2 High Performance tires as well as an upgraded chasis, suspension and drivetrain help handle all that additional power.  

Steeda also added touches that diehard Bullitt fans will love, including Steve McQueen Edition wheels, door sill plates, dashboard serialization plates, floor mats and a badass shifter nob.  

Steeda Performance Vehicles

“Ford’s Mustang has always been a big part of my dad’s legend,” said McQueen’s son, professional racer Chad McQueen. 

“I wanted to kick the already strong performance up several notches without losing that essential style that makes this car so desirable. Less is more. This Special Edition reflects the lessons my dad ingrained in me about what made his personal cars so desirable.”

If you’ve managed to wrangle the $48,000 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt, you’ll need to throw Steeda another $21,000 to make it a Steve McQueen Edition. 

Take a closer look in the gallery above. 

h/t: Autoblog