WATCH: Insane Real-Life Car Chase Over Stolen Motorcycle

These buddies took the law into their own hands.

A prized possession has just been stolen, and the thieves are absconding with the goods. Do you hold back for the police to show up, or do you make like Liam Neeson and take the law into you own hands?

Two fast and furious buddies, equipped with a Garmin Dash Cam, recently took a cue from Taken when they caught two crooks sneaking off with their motorcycle. As their dashcam video shows, the guys do call the police, but they also decide to stay one step ahead of the popo by hopping into their car and chasing down the bandits’ trailer themselves. What goes down next is a reckless and foolhardy display of testosterone. Property is damaged, countless traffic laws are violated, and the lives of onlookers are undoubtedly jeopardized. But damn, is it cool to watch.

The footage of the high-speed, eight-minute-long chase will have you biting your nails in suspense. The whole thing is worth a watch, but things take a turn for the crazy around the two-minute mark.

Photos by YouTube