Suicide Doors Make Comeback With 2019 Lincoln Continental

Only 80 of the retro-cool 2019 Lincoln Continental “Coach Edition” will be made.

Credit: Lincoln

Lincoln is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2019 with a limited run of 80 Lincoln Continental “Coach Editions” featuring old-school suicide doors.

Credit: Lincoln

It’s a throwback look that harkens back to the Continentals of the 1960s, when suicide doors were less of a head-turning novelty. Functionally, the center-opening four-door sedan will gain an extra six inches for the back seats as a result of the modification–which requires a strengthening of the rear pillar to handle the extra hinge-duty.

Credit: Lincoln

The 80 Coach Editions will be built on the Continental Black Label sedan that rocks 400hp under the hood and an unsurprisingly luxe interior that’s meant to hug its occupants in leather and wood. 

While the suicide doors won’t be auto-closing, they will be secure and self-latching. Think more along the lines of the way a Mercedes S-class suctions its doors closed, so slamming isn’t required.

Credit: Lincoln

All said and done, this is really about a striking new look and the Contintental, at least in the car’s early promotional pics, seems to nail it on that front. 

With the only other suicide door in production today being on a Rolls Royce, Lincoln is obviously tipping its hat not just to the  classic styles of yesteryear but to burnishing their luxurious brand even further.

Credit: Lincoln

The Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Edition will hit streets in the summer 2019 with a $100,000 price tag, if the 80-car run doesn’t sell out well before then.