15 Supercars You Need to Drive Before You Die

Summer may be winding down, but our favorite supercars of all time will heat things up.

Lists of all-time greats are inherently debatable, but all 15 of our favorites are bona-fide classics, whether they are brand new or reaching middle age.

The definition of a supercar isn’t clear-cut, but to make our list, a car has to be a mid-engine two-seater. Lamborghini scored four spots on the list, but the incredible Aventador isn’t one of them. Most are rear-drive, but some have all-wheel drive. All of them have exciting looks. And all of them have something special in the engine bay, whether it is a screaming V12, a boosted V8, or a modern hybrid-electric assist.

We’ve listed our selections alphabetically so you can argue amongst yourselves about their relative ranks. 

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Photos by McLaren Automotive