This Retro-Inspired Electric Suzuki Channels All the Topless Fun of the Original Samurai

Ah, the memories…


In a shout back to the company’s glory days with the mini-Jeep clone Samurai, Suzuki will show an electric powered concept SUV at the Tokyo Motor Show that channels the original cute-ute in its attitude if not its specifics.

Suzuki calls the e-Survivor concept  “a compact SUV of the next age,” and boasts that it is built on a traditional truck-style frame that has a lightweight body bolted on top.


Electric motors send power to all four wheels, while a five-slot version of Jeep’s seven-slot grille announces the e-Survivor’s off-road intent.

Whether this comes to fruition or not doesn’t much matter to American drivers, because Suzuki bailed on the US market in 2013.