Kneel Before the Military Majesty of This Incredible ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Tank

The British Army’s ‘Terrier’ armored assault vehicle sure has a lot of evil-looking appendages.

The British Army’s BAE Systems Terrier armored combat vehicle has gained some remarkable new capabilities that let it wade through water more than six feet deep and dig for explosives with a 26-foot rock hammer.

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The remote-controlled tank can also lift more than 11,000 pounds and move 662,000 pounds of earth every hour

The Terrier joined her majesty’s service in 2013, but BAE Systems, the company that builds the 32-ton armored Swiss Army Knife of a tank still more capabilities with add-on modules.

The Terrier’s 700-hp CAT diesel powerplant can speed the tank at up to 45 mph, or it can power forward at 9 mph while dragging a mine-clearing plow. If things get really dicey, soldiers can operate the Terrier by remote control from as far as half a mile away.

“The greater wading depth and surge protection will make Terrier even better suited for use in coastal or low lying areas, where it can play an important role in disaster relief as well as combat situations” said BAE Systems Land export sales manager Rory Breen. 

“Along with the new telescopic arm and other attachments,Terrier remains the most technologically advanced and flexible combat engineer vehicle in the world.”

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