Take a Lap in the World’s Deadliest Race

The Isle of Man TT motorcycle race is a three-week orgy of speed and death on a tiny English island. We take a hot lap at 200 mph.

Since the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motorcycle race began, way back in 1907, there have been 240 deaths. That’s more than two deaths a year. The reason for all the killing isn’t just the fact that motorcycles are by nature dangerous machines, especially at 200 miles per hour. The Isle of Man race takes place on a narrow, 38-mile-long street course that winds through crowded medieval towns and a hilly countryside, all the while flanked by ancient stone walls and hedgerows. If a rider makes a mistake, there is no escaping the potentially lethal consequences. Nevertheless, the level of racing is superb, and every year someone sets a record. Above, a view from the saddle of Michael Dunlop’s Honda CBR600RR. Don’t let go.