The Tank 300 Cybertruck Is a Divisive Combo of Ford Bronco and Mercedes G-Wagen Style

This controversial concept has been called a “horror movie of a vehicle.”

Great Wall Motors/Wey

Great Wall Motors’ Wey Tank luxury SUV brand showed up to the Shanghai Auto Show with a style-mixing truck concept that’s drawing some derisive comparisons to existing models. 

Autoblog spotted the so-called “300 Cybertank,” calling it a “horror movie of a vehicle.” The outlet approves of the base vehicle, the Tank 300, which boasts a ladder frame construction, turbocharged 2.0-liter four developing 224 horsepower, and a modest $27,000 starting price. 

Great Wall Motors/Wey

What Autoblog doesn’t approve of are the mishmash aesthetics. The front’s round headlights, grille, and traversing light bar are reminiscent of the 2021 Ford Bronco, while the boxy body’s lines and deep-cut wheel wells seem to be inspired by the Mercedes G-Wagen, especially in profile. 

The interior is even more over-the-top, with white-out upholstery and tons of Pagani-esque chrome metal trim that creates a budget Rolls-Royce vibe. 

Great Wall Motors/Wey

According to Autoblog, the dash and door paneling is reappropriated black plastic from the Tank 300—not exactly a premium material. Even the name “Cybertank” rips off Tesla’s Cybertruck. 

Great Wall Motors/Wey

Few other details are available, like whether this is a preliminary version of something headed to production. If nothing else, the Tank 300 Cybertank is generating plenty of press in the states, where the brand seldom gets mentioned. 


Maxim Staff