Team Fordzilla P1 Hypercar Concept Is Coming To Life This Year

The Ford GT-inspired racer--the first car designed in collaboration with an automaker and gamers--is actually being built.
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Ford and its official esports franchise have joined forces to create what they're calling the "first-ever vehicle designed in collaboration between an automaker and gamers." And it won't just exist in the virtual realm, as Ford says it's building a full-size scale model of the futuristic racer by year's end. 

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The Team Fordzilla P1 was largely rendered by Ford exterior designer Arturo Ariño, whose concept won over 80 percent of 250,000 votes to easily emerge as the favorite in a head-to-head Twitter poll against another finalist. 

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Ford said that fans were responsible for deciding seating position, cockpit style, drivetrain, and other elements before designers delivered mock-ups. None of those specs have been revealed, but given that Ariño looked to the Ford GT for loose inspiration, the 3.5-liter, turbo-charged V6 and seven-speed dual-clutch from the track-bred hypercar would make sense.

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What's most unique about the P1 is the aggressively aerodynamic body's "morphing technology." Again, details are vague, but it can supposedly be configured with the stability of a longtail racer to run on the types of high-speed straights seen at Le Mans, or shortened for tighter circuits like Monaco. 

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The P1 was unveiled in tandem with a tease for a new, Ford-official video game that could be released as early as 2021 by a major developer. Said PlayStation's Gran Turismo continue to push boundaries on popular racing sims. 

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