Watch This Tesla SUV Smoke a Lamborghini In a Drag Race Without Actually Producing Any Smoke

Even the mighty Aventador’s V12 engine can’t stand up to electric power.

Production Tesla Model X

You already knew the Tesla Model S sedan could out-sprint a Lamborghini in a drag race, but the hot shoes at Drag Times decided the world needs to know whether a Model X P100D SUV could also uphold Tesla honor.

Production Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X

The answer turns out to be yes, yes an electric SUV is even quicker than an Aventador SV.

The Tesla’s 11.418-second quarter-mile time also set a record for SUV acceleration, Drag Times reports.

Maybe Lamborghini should challenge Tesla to a race around the Nurburgring, where the Aventador SV held the production car record until it was broken by the Lamborghini Huracan Performante.