Tesla’s New Model S P100D Is Incredibly Fast

A boosted battery pack will extend driving range and make for killer speed.

Production Tesla Model X

As battery capacities are increasing across the industry for 2017, Tesla is also adding power with a 100 kWh hour battery pack replacing the previous 90 kWh battery as the most powerful available in the Model S sedan and Model X crossover SUV.

Tesla Model S. Photo: Tesla

So Tesla has provided the juice to carry the Model S P100D 315 miles on the EPA’s driving cycle, compared to the P90D’s rated range of 270 miles. In practice, Teslas don’t typically achieve that distance rating without setting the cruise control to an intolerably slow 55 mph.

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Tesla Model S. Photo: Tesla

The bigger battery also adds more oomph for the car’s acceleration. When in Ludicrous Mode, the Model S will rocket to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. This rectifies an obvious shortcoming, as the P90D lollygags around for an entire 2.8 seconds before its digital speedometer blinks “60.”

Tesla Model S. Photo: Tesla

The Model X P100D is rated at 289 miles of driving range and 2.9 seconds 0-60 in Ludicrous Mode. Drivers who’ve already ordered a P90D Ludicrous Mode can upgrade their order to the P100D battery pack for another $10,000. Current P90D Ludicrous Mode owners can bring their cars in for a battery swap for $20,000.

If you don’t own an upgradable Tesla, then the price for the Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode starts at $134,500, while the equivalent Model X is $1,000 more expensive. Place your order now!