The 2025 Indian Scout Revs Up An Iconic American Motorcycle

The most powerful Indian Scout ever is here to continue its cruiser legacy.

Like the Cessna Skyhawk or Ford F-150, the Indian Scout has transcended its own mode over a century-plus timeline, which is to say that even non-riders are likely to at least recognize its name. But unlike the plane and the truck, the Indian Scout has yet to capture the largest share of its respective market.

1929 Indian 101 Scout (Indian Motorcycle)

That could change soon, as Indian Motorcycle just gave the model its most substantial overhaul since Polaris reinstated the Indian Scout in 2015 to much acclaim, including a “Motorcycle of the Year” award from Indian is attempting to make an already-beloved cruiser platform even better, and on paper, it is better.

2025 Indian 101 Scout (Indian Motorcycle)

“Our top priority was to uphold the iconic namesake of Scout and ensure the new lineup is as timeless as all its predecessors,” said Ola Stenegard, Director of Product Design for Indian Motorcycle. “For us, it was imperative to keep it clean, follow the iconic lines of Scout, and create a package that offered seamless customization. To achieve this, it all started with the steel tube frame and all-new, V-Twin engine.”

As Rider Magazine notes, its V-Twin has been reworked and bored out from 99m to 104 mm to increase displacement from 1,133cc in the old Scout to 1,250cc in the 2025 Scout. This new “SpeedPlus 1250” engine churns out either 105 horsepower or 111 horsepower and 82 pound-feet of torque, depending on the variant.

2025 Indian Scout Bobber (Indian Motorcycle)

A steel tubular frame that better facilitates customization replaces the old aluminum design, and the Scout family has been expanded and diversified while retaining an approachable 25.6-inch seat height and weight ranging from 520 to 570 pounds.

The king of the model lineup is the 101 Scout, a name resurrected from one of the most collectable Indians ever made. This is the only 2025 variant that squeezes 111 horsepower out of its cylinders to take the title of most powerful production Indian Scout ever. The 101 Scout comes equipped with adjustable piggyback rear shocks, inverted adjustable front forks, dual-disk Brembo brakes, a gunfighter-style solo seat, a gloss black six-inch moto-style handlebar, a quarter-fairing, and a larger 19-inch wheel.

2025 Indian Sport Scout (Indian Motorcycle)

The Indian Sport Scout is equipped very similarly to the Scout 101 without the uptick in power—like all proceeding models, it produces 105 horsepower. The Scout Bobber returns with a slammed suspension, bobbed fenders, and drag-style handlebars.

The Super Scout is set up for the long-haul, featuring saddlebags with pull-tab openers, a passenger pillion, a quick-release windshield and three extra inches of suspension travel, while the Scout Classic brings retro vibes with a chromed exhaust and old-school flared fenders.

2025 Indian Super Scout

Accompanying the expanded, five-bike Scout family are three trims. The Standard Trim featured on the stock Scout Classic, Scout Bobber and Sport Scout is never the less an improvement over the Scout’s previous basic equipment thanks to standard ABS, brighter LED lighting, and fuel level/economy readouts. All three of those variants can be upgraded to a Limited Trim, which adds on creature comforts like traction control, cruise control, a USB charger and three selectable ride modes: Sport, Standard, and Tour. 

The top-tier Limited + Tech trim is also available on the Scout Classic, Scout Bobber and Sport Scout, but it comes standard on the 101 Scout and Super Scout. The major upgrades here are the keyless ignition and the Scout debut of Indian Motorcycle’s four-inch round RIDE COMMAND touchscreen display featuring GPS, route planning, weather and traffic info, and ride stats.

(Indian Motorcycle)

Priced from $12,999 for the Scout Bobber in standard trim up to $16,999 for the Scout 101, the Indian Scout family is available to configure and order online now.