The ARC Vector May Be the World’s Most Advanced Electric Motorcycle

Innovative tech like a HUD helmet and body armor are straight out of science fiction.

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Credit: ARC

Almost out of thin air, ARC has materialized as a newcomer on the electric bike scene, and they’ve taken the spotlight at EICMA to unveil their advanced Vector electric motorcycle. 

Not only has ARC made an absolute stunner of a bike, they’ve also introduced an entire ecosystem for riders, one that includes a heads-up display (HUD) integrated into the helmet and haptic body armor.

Credit: ARC

The Vector looks like a futuristic work of art, but features like its 170 mile range, ability to go from 0 to 60mph in 2.7 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 150mph are extremely impressive stats for a new kid on the scene. 

That top speed indicates that the Vector is likely able to go faster—but tampering with ARC’s engineering seems like a dumb idea.

Credit: ARC

The forethought in the design here is impressive. The windshield is conspicuously absent, but that’s because the fighter-pilot style helmet blocks the wind instead. 

Credit: ARC

More importantly, it also displays the pertinent stats you’d usually see on the instrument cluster. That means speedometer, revs and more are beamed right into the driver’s field of view.

Credit: ARC

One of ARC’s biggest innovations is the haptic body armor. Like any motorcycle wearable, the armor is intended for safety and protecting against road rash in case of a spill—but the haptic sensors can inform the rider of road hazards and other dangers via rumbles to different areas of your torso.

These are, by far, some of the most interesting innovations coming in the motorcycle space, from bike to helmet to armor. It’s impossible to not be impressed with ARC bursting on the scene and coming through with some truly exciting tech. 

Tech that may very well turn into standard equipment in the not-to-distant future.