This Bugatti Chiron Off-Road Concept Is the Perfect SUV for the Apocalypse

Imagine taking a $2 million supercar off the track and into the mud.

Credit: Rain Prisk

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that when Bugatti created their insane Chiron supercar, they never intended it to be taken off-road. But that’s exactly what Estonian artist Rain Prisk has in mind for the seven-figure car.

Credit: Rain Prisk

The off-road rendering of the Chiron fits nicely with other renderings done by Prisk, who has a history of beefing up wheels and suspension and generally turning production cars into Frankenstein monster versions of themselves. A bruiser Chiron complete with winch and roof rack? Yes please. 

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Credit: Bugatti

Check out the official mock-ups of what Bugatti had in mind for an SUV. To call it tame in comparison to Prisk’s Chiron would be the understatement of the year. In fact, it’s hard to not prefer Prisk’s design over the ho-hum 4×4 Bugatti might actually put into production. It looks more like a Hyundai Tucson than anything worthy of the Bugatti name.

Credit: Bugatti

As more and more luxury car makers decide to put forth entries into the SUV category, Bugatti may not be far behind. Here’s hoping they take a cue from Prisk’s badass Chiron reimagination.