The Driving Dead: An Illustrated Guide to the Vehicles of ‘The Walking Dead’

Everything you ever wanted to know about the cars and trucks of AMC’s zombie hit.

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The Walking Dead isn’t just about a nightmarish zombie apocalypse and the occasional bit of baseball bat-wielding mayhem—it also features some seriously mean machines that are built to rumble through the show’s dystopian landscape. 

With that in mind, the good people at Select Car Leasing whipped up this handy infographic explaining the the pros and cons of various vehicles in AMC’s blockbuster zombie hit. 

It includes The Governor’s Dodge Ram, Glenn Rhee‘s Dodge Challenger, the Atlanta police car driven by Rick Grimes, and even the Triumph Bonneville piloted by Daryl Dixon, so check out the grades for the cars and trucks of The Walking Dead, and make your choice while there’s still time left…