‘The Great’ Star Nicholas Hoult Reveals Custom Indian Motorcycle in Exclusive Video

A renowned bike customizer tricked out an Indian Super Chief for the “Mad Max: Fury Road” star.

“I can’t get over this, I am speechless,” actor Nicholas Hoult gushes moments after the sheet is pulled back on his new customized Indian Super Chief. “I am moved to my core — I treasure it and I will take care of it forever!” he continues, visibly stunned.

We’re in renowned motorcycle builder Go’s workshop in San Pedro, California as Hoult circles the gift like a priceless art piece in the Louvre.

The legendary Japanese artist customized the modern Super Chief to perfection, elevating the touring cruiser into a totem of motorcycle lust — a gorgeous black and silver specimen decked out in Go’s signature Bratstyle mods (complete with his proprietary handlebars and cat-face rear brake light).


We consider Hoult one of the best actors of his generation — playing everything from reclusive author J.D. Salinger to a spraycan-sniffing War Boy in Mad Max: Fury Road to Russian czar Peter III in the Hulu series The Great, Hoult seemingly can do it all on film.

But it’s his obsession with motorcycles that interests us here. Peep the video above where Nicholas shares with us his emotions in receiving the gorgeous Indian steed — from the clean black and silver paintjob to the fine touches, like the vintage Indian Motorcycle brass coin welded to the headlamp. 

Stay tuned for the full Nicholas Hoult interview in an upcoming issue of Maxim.