The Hennessy Goliath Is the 6x6 Pickup Truck of Your Dreams

Double your rear axles, double your fun.
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Hennessey Performance, the world renowned, Texas-based tuner outfit, never seems to be satisfied. When they’re not crafting supercars that are able to push past 300 mph, they’re pursuing other mad scientist endeavors like the brand new Goliath 6x6 pickup truck.


Coming into this world as a Chevy Silverado Trail Boss, the crack team at Hennessey has redesigned and jacked up the Detroit-born pickup into an entirely different animal. Or maybe beast would be more appropriate. Adding two extra feet of flat bed and a second rear axle, the Goliath perches on 37” tires and an 8” lift kit definitely gives this modified pickup some serious monster truck status. 


Under the hood Hennessey’s speed freaks have a supercharged 6.2L V8 engine, capable of churning out 675 lbs of torque and 705 horsepower. Stomping the gas will get the enormous Goliath from 0 to 60 in around 4.5 seconds, truly a feat for a truck this size.


Having done a similar limited edition with their double-axle VelociRaptor, built on a Ford Raptor, it’s no surprise that only 24 of the Goliaths will be produced. Starting at a stomach-plunging $375k, options to bump the horsepower to over 800, upgrade the brakes or gussy up the interior are available and would likely take the price tag well past the $400k mark. 


Hennessey is showing off the Goliath with either two-tone black or cherry red paintjobs but it seems unlikely that the entirety of this limited run will stay that way. 

After all, who would want something boring and plain like a Hennessey Goliath in black when something like this is a possibility?