The ‘JetRacer’ Is A Flying Supercar Seat

Zapata is accepting test pilots willing to fly this 155-mph VTOL and do barrel rolls at the touch of a button.

Franky Zapata has pivoted from flying jet skis to a full-fledged VTOL.

The French inventor and former Aquabike World Champ previously created the Zapata Flyride, a jet ski-like vehicle capable of sustaining water-jet propelled hydroflight using power from a speedboat.


But the new JetRacer is significantly more advanced. The vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) craft is essentially a soaring seat built on a lightweight chassis.

According to Robb Report, 10 micro turbo jet engines can push the JetRacer up to 155 mph and an altitude of 10,000 feet with a 440-pound payload. It can do all of this autonomously no less, though that high speed comes at an unspecified sacrifice of range.


There aren’t many detailed specs, but New Atlas adds that Zapata has implemented thrust-vectoring equipment that automatically makes adjustments to aid in balance and perform impressive aerial maneuvers. A single-button stunt button engages the JetRacer in a lightning fast 360-degree roll.

Not only is there video above of the JetRacer actually working and stunting, but Zapata’s eponymous company is currently calling for volunteers to give it a test flight—100 people will be drawn for selection tests, with 25 being ultimately invited to climb in the cockpit.

Sign up here.