This Meme-Worthy ‘Flying Bum’ Will Be World’s Largest Aircraft

People are WAY too into this revolutionary airship for all the wrong reasons.

Hybrid Air Vehicles

A next-gen hybrid blimp that’s been nicknamed “Flying Bum” is poised to be the world’s largest production aircraft. And the curviest, if you ask the internet.

Hybrid Air Vehicles

Measuring 302-foot-long and 144-foot-wide according to the Guardian, the Airlander 10 by the U.K.’s Hybrid Air Vehicles is impressive as an eco-friendly airship

Its current quad-combustion engine configuration produces 75 percent fewer CO2 emissions when compared to comparable aircraft.

Hybrid Air Vehicles

A forthcoming hybrid-electric system due will raise that emissions reduction to 90 percent before the Airlander 10 goes all-electric in 2030. 

Maximum altitude and range clocks in at 20,000 feet and 4,000 nautical miles, though a limited speed makes the Airlander 10 more suited to shorter regional jaunts. 

Hybrid Air Vehicles

According to Inside Hook, as many as 100 passengers can stay airborne for up to 5 days, all while taking in some tremendous views. 

Concept art shows spacious lounges and in-flight bars surrounded by glass floors and walls of windows that put typical commercial jet atmospheres to shame.

But none of that is what made the Airlander 10 internet-famous for all the wrong reasons. One choice photo posted by engineering-focused Twitter account Stem Feed is being compared to an ass en masse. 

Vice rounded up some of the many memes spawned by minds in the gutter.

At press time, the official Hybrid Air Vehicles Twitter account had yet to publicly comment on the Airlander 10’s newfound viral fame.