‘The Walking Dead’ Star Norman Reedus Reveals His Killer Custom Indian Motorcycle

“It fits perfectly, it handles perfectly, it sounds sick. I’m totally in love with it.”

In early 2023, Indian Motorcycle introduced its most aggressive cruiser ever in the 2023 Sport Chief. The meanest Chief in the model’s 100-year history features a hefty 116 cubic-inch (1,890cc) V-twin producing 120 pound-feet of torque, along with suspension and brake setups that aren’t far removed from a sport bike’s.

(Sean MacD/Indian Motorcycle)

That same model was the basis for a newly revealed custom build crafted by Hollywood’s Powerplant Motorcycles for The Walking Dead star and massive motorcycle enthusiast Norman Reedus. The actor recounted one of his early moto memories in a video accompanying Indian’s Forged web series, which chronicles multiple Sport Chief custom jobs.

“I used to live downtown LA, before there was like a downtown LA. And when I lived downtown would it down to Venice on the freeway—this little bitty bike with these yellow sunglasses,” Reedus said.

(Drew Ruiz/Indian Motorcycle)

“When I started doing Walking Dead, I had a motorcycle in Georgia and I’d ride it to set everyday,” Reedus continued. “And one of the producers of the show said, ‘You know, you’re not supposed to ride your bike to work.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, it’s happening. I don’t have a car. This is what I’m doing.'”

That same producer eventually pitched the idea of Reedus’ travel show, AMC’s Ride with Norman Reedus, in which the actor cruises around the world on a bike and meets custom builders.

(Drew Ruiz/Indian Motorcycle)

Reedus later came face-to-face with his custom Sport Chief. Built by Powerplant Motorcycles founder Yaniv Evan, the bike was slimmed from head-to-tail. The rear shock mounts were repositioned, the swingarm mounts were relocated, and the fuel tank was narrowed, topped three-inch louvres, and emblazoned with a Chopper-esque flame motif.

A custom-made rear fender complements narrower seven-spoke Morris Mag replica wheels, while custom eight-inch risers lift the riding position. Additionally, Hollywood’s WW Cycles contributed an earthy paint job consisting of darkened root beer colors.

(Drew Ruiz/Indian Motorcycle)

Reedus, who had never even owned or rode an Indian Motorcycle, walked away from his first ride impressed, to say the least.

“This bike rides so fucking good. It fits perfectly, it handles perfectly, it sounds sick. I’m totally in love with it.”

(Sean MacD/Indian Motorcycle)

Visit Indian Motorcycles’ YouTube channel to see more from the Forged series.