The ‘World’s Most Beautiful Racing Simulator’ Has Arrived

Take endless track days in this gorgeous virtual race car cockpit.

British engineering firm Prodrive has crafted the what’s being called the “most beautiful” apparatus in the premium racing-sim space. That qualifier should come with a fat asterisk though, as it was drafted by the company.


Whether the Prodrive Racing Simulator looks better than Aston Martin’s sleek virtual cockpit or Pininfarina’s distinctly retro module is up for debate. The curvy birch canopy, lacquered in gloss black like a concert grand piano, certainly makes its case, as does the sculpted carbon fiber monocoque tub.

Prodrive, a motorsport-centric manufacturer of composites, brings with it notable pedigree as the sole provider of all bodywork for the new Aston Martin Vantage race cars competing in the FIA’s GTE and GT3 classes.

As for hardware, the system implements a 12 GB GeForce RTX graphics card and 16GB of memory at its heart, rendering graphics across a sweeping curved 49-inch high-refresh-rate display. A precision SIM steering wheel coupled with a Simcube steering motor allows for precise driving inputs, while the mechanical pedal box aims to round out a realistic experience.

The $44,654 price tag is steep but also quite competitive with Aston Martin’s $73,595 aforementioned racing sim and well below the nearly $200,000 Pininfarina’s went for at auction. Those who register interest can even take a test drive at Prodrive’s HQ before buying. Click here to learn more.