The X Shore 1 Electric Day Boat Is A Fast-Charging, Stylish Cruiser

The sleek electric boat blends modern tech with mid-century nautical design.

X Shore

Is it possible to get style, sustainability and sleek design delivered in a final product worthy of, say, the next James Bond flick? We say yes, and Swedish boatmakers X Shore certainly agree: One look at the new X Shore 1 reminds one instantly of something you might find in a 007 venture.

The impressive X Shore 1, set to go into production next summer, takes styling cues from the 1950s but blends that approach with an electric motor good for 50 nautical miles of range with just one charge.

X Shore

The fact that the X Shore 1 speeds up to 30 knots in seconds and charges to 80% in just 50 minutes? Consider those incredible features just part of the total package.

There’s also ample opportunity to customize the X Shore 1, the company notes: It comes in both Open and Top (closed) iterations.

The cabin itself on the X Shore 1 can sleep a family of four, and handsome, refined design remains part of the experience: Outfit your X Shore 1 with three available color options like something out of a futuristic movie (TENET comes to mind).

X Shore

The 21-foot runabout is also outfitted with a cork deck and with customizable design details like a movable sunbed.

A connected X Shore app and anti-theft technology drive home the modern utility of this stunning $100K-plus boat.

X Shore

The design itself follows on the heels of other lauded X Shore releases, like the 26-foot Eelex boat from the company.

X Shore

The X Shore 1, with its interconnectivity and sharp blend of refinement and modern specs, isn’t exactly cheap: It’ll be available next summer in Europe and North American starting from $139,000.