The 2019 Yenko Camaro Is a 1,000 HP Masterpiece of Modern Muscle

Good Lord.
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The famed Yenko Chevy Dealership disappeared when the business, known for making outstanding customized Chevys throughout the 1960s, shut its doors in 1982. Now this particularly historic name is getting a revival with an ultra-limited edition 2019 Yenko SC II Supercharged Camaro.


Chevy’s current iteration of the Camaro is a sight to behold even when it’s stock but this 2019 Yenko edition is a truly rare and powerful breed of Chevy’s new take on American muscle. Plenty of modifications, both under the hood and on the body, make it a unique piece for any connoisseur.


The upgrades in this $111,000 beauty includes a custom-built 416 C.I.D. L1 engine and an also-custom supercharger that work together to crank the horsepower to over 1,000. The body, with several options available in terms of paint and trim, is branded everywhere with Yenko and 1,000 horsepower badges, as if the fearsome roar of the engine didn’t already broadcast that enough.

Yenko Colors

Only 25 of these beauties will be made for the eager collectors looking to drive a special piece of history that also happen to blow off doors from the line. For more info on how to get your hands on one, check out this link